Welcome to University of Nevada, Las Vegas!

Innovative Academics

With 80 majors and 43 minors, UNLV does more than offer options — they provide opportunities. Plus, if your professional ambitions require you to obtain multiple degrees, UNLV also has more than 125 graduate degree programs and their own law, medicine, and dental medicine schools. UNLV is proud that their academics draw upon the influences of our community, and offer an education like nowhere else.

A Worldwide Destination

Freedom and Learning

Our Mission

Dripping in the golden desert sun and spread across 350 acres in the heart of Las Vegas, UNLV provides nowhere-else opportunities in this 24-hour metropolis. And while Las Vegas might be the center of it all, it doesn’t take long to slip the bonds of this little oasis and get out into the desert, as we are just minutes from natural getaways and less than a day’s drive from the entire American Southwest.